Endurance+ Matt

Dulux Endurance+ Matt is an exceptionally tough paint. Its Diamond Tough formulation is 20x tougher than standard Dulux Matt, and washable without the colour fading, so your home stays looking great for longer.

Finishes: Matt

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  • Salsa Red
  • Lost Lake
  • Purple Pout
  • Pixie Green
  • Striking Cyan
  • Fuschia Lily
  • Tangerine Twist
  • Kiwi Crush
  • Crushed Aloe
  • Blue Babe
  • Chic Shadow
  • Jurassic Stone
  • Soft Stone
  • Mint Macaroon
  • Sugared Lilac
  • Crispy Crumble
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Willow Tree
  • Gentle Fawn
  • Mellow Mocha
  • Natural Hessian
  • Vanilla Sundae
  • Mineral Mist
  • Ivory
  • Nutmeg White
  • Sweet Pink
  • Wild Primrose
  • Polished Pebble
  • Elderflower Tea
  • Magnolia
  • Natural Wicker
  • Natural Calico
  • Almond White
  • Orchid White
  • Sorbet
  • White Cotton
  • Timeless
  • Jasmine White
  • Pure Brilliant White
Paint Mixing Endurance+ Matt

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Coverage: Up to 13m2/litre


Remove loose or flaking material. Make sure the surface is clean (no dirt or grease) and dry.


If new, bare and absorbent surface, seal with this product, thinned 10% with water, or if very porous, use Dulux Sealer for Plaster. If the wall is damaged, repair using the appropriate Polycell product.


Drying time: 5 hours


Stir to ensure paint is completely mixed. TIP: in hot environments, thin 10% with water if necessary.


Leave 5 hours to dry.


Apply 2 coats with a brush or roller, leave 2-4 hours between coats. Do not apply in very damp or humid conditions or extreme temperatures. TIP: if the colour change is strong, more coats may be required. If you use more than one can, mix them together in a large container or finish in a corner before starting a new can.



Remove paint from the brush or roller with a cloth and then wash with water.


Store paint in dry conditions and protect from extreme temperatures.


Don't waste unwanted paint! Leftover product may be taken to a Community RePaint collection point. Make a small difference to someone else at communityrepaint.org.uk

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