Colour that lasts.

At Dulux we love colour, and we know you do too. So we're always looking for new ways to make our colour even better. That's why we invented a technology to keep your walls looking beautiful.



We think the most important thing about the colour you put on your walls is the life you lead in your home afterwards. That's why we invented a technology that brings you colour that lasts.

This technology is called Chromalock and it means you can paint happy in the knowledge that when you use our paint to make your walls more beautiful, they will stay that way.

What is

Chromalock technology is our 100% exclusive resin that creates an invisible protective barrier around the colour on your walls, protecting from the wear and tear of everyday life, bringing you colour that lasts.

How does it work?


When the paint is wet the colour pigments are dispersed and not bonded together.


When the paint dries the colour pigments bond together more closely.


When the paint is fully dry and all the colour pigments have bonded an invisible Chromalock film is created around the particles shielding the colour from the wear and tear of everyday life, making the colour on your walls more durable.