Frequently asked questions


What can I paint my baby's cot and toys with?


Because young children are likely to suck and chew their toys/cots, toy and cot manufacturers are required to use paints whose composition complies with the European Toy Standard EN71, Part III 1988 or BS5665 Part III 1989 which is the British Standard set for toys safety. A requirement of both these Standards is for paint manufacturers to test every batch to ensure that they are free from or do not contain more than specified levels of certain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. Test certificates must be made available on request detailing the analytical results.

Although our paints are formulated specifically for painting building surfaces, none of the materials quoted in the Standards are added to our formulations. However, analytical tests to determine their presence are not undertaken on each batch. The possibility of adventitious contamination from raw material sources or from after storage in cans cannot be ruled out.